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About Lund Stem Cell Center

Unlocking the potential of stem cells to improve human health

At Lund Stem Cell Center, we believe that stem cells hold the key to unlocking new advances in modern medicine and improving human health.

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Lund Stem Cell Center is a leading academic research organization advancing the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at Lund University in Sweden, a global top 100 university with a strong focus on research and education within science, technology, and medicine.

Committed to improving the lives of patients by making stem cell-based therapies a reality, it is our mission to promote high-quality stem cell research, accelerate the transfer of innovative discoveries to the clinic, and educate the next generation of stem cell scientists.

To achieve this, we serve as a platform for exemplary research, providing our members opportunities for networking, education, and scientific collaboration. 

Located in the Greater Copenhagen Region, our proximity to academic and industry partners and the Skåne University Hospital has allowed us to build an extensive network and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, offering enormous potential for collaborative and innovative cross-disciplinary research projects.

Our Community

Our scientific community includes 44 research groups with over 300 members, comprising top faculty, fellows, clinical researchers, students, and technical staff based at Lund University and Skåne University Hospital.

This diverse group of experts explore how stem cells can be used to understand, treat, and alleviate a number of diseases, including neurological disorders, blood disorders, cancers, diabetes, and more. With cutting-edge research models and technology platforms, they are addressing complex questions in developmental and stem cell biology and regenerative medicine across a range of fields - from neuroscience and hematology to immunology, bioengineering, and beyond.

Together, our members are driving breakthroughs in basic and translational research, generating revolutionary knowledge about stem cells and their potential applications in medical treatments, and advancing the field towards new stem cell-based therapies.

Our Funding

Lund Stem Cell Center receives support from the Swedish government through StemTherapy, the national research initiative for stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our individual research groups also receive funding from national and international agencies to support their work.