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In Their Own Words: Interviews with Recent PhD Graduates

Welcome to our interview series, "In Their Own Words: Interviews with Recent PhD Graduates." Here, you will find a collection of insightful interviews with PhD graduates from various fields within stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, each sharing their personal experiences and perspectives on their academic journey.

From the challenges of conducting research to the joys of discovery, these interviews offer a unique glimpse into the world of academia and the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

Whether you are a current PhD student, considering pursuing a PhD, or simply interested in learning more about the academic world, we hope these interviews will inspire and inform you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading the stories of our recent PhD graduates, in their own words.

Restoring antitumor immunity with dendritic cell reprogramming strategies: a PhD Interview with Alexandra Gabriela Barros Ferreira

Photo collage of Alexandra (right) and the cover of her thesis (left).

Alexandra’s research involves direct reprogramming approaches, which function like a Trojan horse, enabling cancer cells to be targeted by the immune system. In this interview, she shares her favorite discoveries, the highlights of her Ph.D. journey, and her future aspirations.

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CRISPR Screens Identify Candidate Therapeutic Targets in Leukemia: a PhD Interview with Maria Rodriguez Zabala

Photo collage with a portrait of Maria on the right and the cover of her PhD thesis on the left.

Maria Rodriguez Zabala has focused her studies on human genetics and cancer research, using CRISPR/Cas9 screening to identify potential targets for developing new leukemia treatments. In this interview, she shares her research findings and advice for aspiring Ph.D. students.

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Generating GABAergic interneurons: a Ph.D. Interview with Andreas Bruzelius

Photo collage of Andres (right) and his thesis cover (left)

Combining cell biology and electrophysiology, Andreas' research focuses on generating brain cells, interneurons, in the lab to study neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. In this interview, he tells about his research and aspirations for the future.

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Mechanisms of Initiation and Suppression in Pediatric Leukemia: a Ph.D. Interview with Mohamed Eldeeb

Image collage with Mohamed Eldeeb (right) and his PhD thesis cover (left).

Passionate about scientific discovery with clinical impact, Mohamed Eldeeb investigated the mechanisms that prevent and suppress pediatric leukemia initiation. In this interview, he shares his findings, research journey, aspirations, and Ph.D. experience in Sweden. 

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Investigating a cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's Disease: a Ph.D. Interview with Fredrik Nilsson

Image collage with a portrait of Fredrik Nilsson (right) and his PhD Thesis cover (left).

Fredrik Nilsson explored the use of patient-specific cells in cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease, identifying strategies to safeguard these cells from degeneration. This interview covers his findings, potential implications for future therapies, and his time at Lund University,

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New methods for phenotypic antibody discovery: a Ph.D. Interview with Jenny Mattsson

Image collage with a photo of Jenny Mattsson (right) and her PhD thesis cover (left).

Jenny Mattsson focused on developing new methods to identify antibodies and targets for cancer and other diseases. In this interview, she shares her research journey, managing a Ph.D. alongside an industry career, and her most enjoyable moments in academia. 

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Exploring the role of YAP and TAZ in the lung epithelium: a Ph.D. Interview with Hani Alsafadi

Photo collage of Hani Alsafadi (right) and his PhD thesis cover (left).

With a passion for biomedical research and understanding the lung's regenerative abilities, Hani Alsafadi investigated the mechanisms driving idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In this interview, he shares key findings, state-of-the-art techniques, and unexpected joys from his Ph.D. journey. 

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Generating human astrocytes for disease modeling: a Ph.D. Interview with Ella Quist

Photo collage of Ella Quist (right) and her PhD thesis cover (left).

Ella Quist dedicated the last several years to developing more efficient methods to generate functional and mature astrocytes for disease modeling of neurological disorders. This interview explores her efforts in advancing astrocyte research for potential brain disease treatments. 

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Bioengineering and Cell-derived Strategies for Salivary Gland Regeneration: a Ph.D. Interview with Jiao Dong

Photo collage of Jiao Dong (right) and her PhD thesis cover (left).

Jiao Dong researched a regenerative medicine strategy that can be used to repair the function of the salivary gland. In this interview, we learn more about her innovative research efforts, the inspiration behind them, and her experience as a Ph.D. student. 

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