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Course: Handling, maintenance and understanding of human pluripotent stem cells

Are you new to working with human pluripotent stem cells? We will teach you how! We offer a new course containing substantial hand-on practice in the cell lab as well as seminars covering topics such as history, growth, quality controls and how they can be used in research and the clinic.

The aim of this 5-day course is to get a better theoretical and practical understanding of the pluripotent stem cells, their culture requirements and extensive potential for use in modern research and medicine.

Target group: Anyone (from PhD to PIs) who is new to working with pluripotent stem cells. The course is suited for all levels and positions but requires previous knowledge of cell culture as the course has substantial hands-on elements. Each day will have both hands-on and theoretical elements. Please note that this  course is not yet available to for inclusion in LAKOK, so no credits, only a certificate, will be awarded.

We have very limited spaces for each course , but  is planned to be held again, with LADOK accreditation in autumn 2024.

Course Content

  • Reprogramming - history and mechanics.
  • Practical considerations, different growing conditions, and methods.
  • PSC differentiation, maintenance, and quality controls.
  • PSCS ub the lab; editing, disease modelling and multi-omics.
  • PSCs in the clinic; clinical trials, pre-GMP and GMP.
  • Examination via practical session, MCQ and a small group project. 
  • Daily practical sessions
    • Passaging (different ways) and visual inspection of cells.
    • Media and plate preparation, freezing and thawing and manual picking of iPSC colonies.


Dr. Pia Johansson, Cell and Gene Therapy Core Facility

Prof. Anna Falk, Lund University

Dr. Elias Uhlin, Lund University

Dr. Lyn Healy, The Francis Crick Institute 

Course Fee 

(academic users, external customers please contact us for availability and pricing)

  • Full course: 11 500 SEK

Next course

Date: April 8-12, 2024 (full days) 

Location: Lund Biomedical Centre, Lund University.


Registration Opens:  February 15th, 2023

Registration Closes: March 15th, 2023

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application the latest one week after the registration closes.