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Vector production services

Our services:

  • Reagents
  • Oncoretroviral Vector Production/Transfection of constructs into packaging cells
  • Oncoretroviral Vector Titering
  • Lentiviral vector production
  • Lentiviral vector titering
  • Quality Control


Full-service production of Lentiviral or Oncoretroviral vector preps:

 Our trained staff will take the vector plasmid you provide us and within 4 weeks you will receive a high titer vector preparation. We have the technical experience as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure to be able to provide users with highly reproducible, high-titer vector preparations. How we produce the vector preps:1) transfect the packaging cell with the user provided transfer vector along with core provided packaging constructs2) collect and filter vector containing supernatants3) ultracentrifugation/concentration of the supernatants4) titration of vector supernatant via FACS or PCR Typical concentration and volume achieved for viral preps of GFP containing lentiviral vector is 200uL 10E7 TU/mL from a single 15 cm dish. For 10 plates of the same vector we obtain 200uL 10E8 TU/mL. For Lentiviral vectors the amount of transfer vector plasmid that you need to provide is 40ug for each 15cm plate and 17ug each 10cm plate. 
For Retroviral vectors the amount of transfer vector plasmid that you need to provide is 10ug each plate (10cm).The quality of the DNA matters, please ensure that you have performed restriction digest and/or sequencing and have an OD ratio of 1.8.   
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