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Lund Stem Cell Center Releases ATMP Pipeline Report

Photo of a syringe being injected into a vial full of liquid.
Photo: Panorama Images from Getty Images

Lund Stem Cell Center at Lund University has launched its ATMP Pipeline Report, which maps the pipeline of cell and gene therapies being developed at the center.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are revolutionary medicines based on cells, tissues, or genes, offering new possibilities for treating a wide range of diseases and conditions. In a strategic move to map the ever-evolving landscape of cell and gene therapies, the Lund Stem Cell Center initiated a comprehensive exercise in 2022.

The primary objective was to provide a comprehensive overview of therapies in development, assess research progress, and chart a course to expedite the growth of ATMPs in Sweden. The report identifies and characterizes early-stage projects and investigates their progress.

Elias Uhlin, Project Manager of the Lund Stem Cell Center Pre-GMP Facility, who was responsible for compiling the report surveyed 44 Principal Investigators and collaborators at the Center over the course of the past year. With 23 ongoing ATMP projects identified, the mapping exercise revealed more therapies than anticipated, highlighting similarities in needed support among academic researchers, and shared methodologies employed in early-stage ATMP development. In addition to offering insights into ongoing projects, the report aims to inspire other institutions to embark on similar investigations, contributing to a more complete understanding of the ATMP landscape in Sweden.

“The ATMP Pipeline Report is a big step towards shaping the future of advanced therapies and underlines the importance of continued investment in research, development, and collaboration to unlock the full potential of these treatments. By collecting this type of information, we can now better plan for the future when it comes to infrastructure investments and connecting with stakeholders further downstream in the ATMP pipeline,” says Elias Uhlin.

Advancing Tomorrow's Therapies: a comprehensive look at the ATMP Pipeline at Lund Stem Cell Center

This report aims to identify and characterize ongoing early-stage projects at Lund Stem Cell Center. In this report, the authors provide an outline of the therapies being developed, investigate how far research has proceeded, and conclude what can be done to further accelerate development of ATMPs in Sweden. 

About the authors

Portrait of Elias Uhlin. Photo.

Elias Uhlin

is the project manager, leading the establishment of the Pre-GMP Facility for ATMP development at Lund Stem Cell Center. 

Link to profile in the Lund University Research Portal

Gisela Helenius. Portrait.

Gisela Helenius 

is the production manager at ATMP-center at the Skåne University Hospital in Lund. The centre will serve as a knowledge hub for both academia and hospitals to meet the demanding requirements of producing cell cultures and gene therapies onsite in hospitals.

Anna Falk

Anna Falk

is a Professor at Lund Stem Cell Center. She is the Director of the newly established, Lund University ATMP Center, LU-ATMP. She also serves as the Director of the Pre-GMP facility at Lund Stem Cell Center.

Link to profile in the Lund University Research Portal