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SCC scientists awarded 32.6 million from the Swedish Research Council

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(Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash)

At 2pm on the 28th of October scientists all over Sweden were scrolling though the list of awarded grants in Medicine and health from The Swedish Research Council, in hope to find their name.

The yearly awarded grants from The Swedish Research Council continues to support high quality research with their Project grants as well as enabling promising young scientists to establish themselves as group leaders with their Starting grant. The total grant amount for 2021-2026 in Medicine and health from The Swedish Research Council was approximately 1.1 billion SEK, out of which 32.6 million went to Lund SCC and we wish to congratulate our recipients:

Christopher Douse was awarded the Starting grant. He will receive 6 million SEK distributed over 2022-2025 to do work on “Molecular mechanisms underpinning chromatin regulation by the MORC ATPases”.

Johan Flygare was awarded 4.8 million SEK for his project “Pathogenic and therapeutic mechanisms of novel therapies for bone marrow failure in Diamond-Blackfan anemia”.

Malin Parmar was awarded 2.4 million SEK for her 3R project “Circuitry repair in Parkinson's disease: From stem cell replacement to axonal targeting using stem cell models”.

Laurent Roybon was awarded 3.6 million SEK for his project “Patientinducerade pluripotenta stamceller för multi-omics nätverksbaserad stratifiering synukleinopatier för personbaserad behandling”.

Daniella Rylander Ottosson was awarded 3.6 million SEK for her project “A self-healing brain for neurological disorders - turning brain resident glia cells into interneurons”.

Lars Rönnstrand was awarded 2.4 million SEK for his project “Identifying novel targets for directed therapy against acute leukemia by uncovering the molecular details of FLT3 signaling

Mikael Sigvardsson was awarded 9.8 million SEK for his project “Molekylär analys av tumörcellers effekt på normal blodbildning vid leukemi ”

To see the full list of awarded projects from the Swedish Research Council, click here.