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Lund Stem Cell Center welcomes Sofie Mohlin

Portrait of Sofie Mohlin
Sofie Mohlin and her research group have joined Lund Stem Cell Center.

We are very happy to announce that Sofie Mohlin - Associate Professor and head of the Molecular Physiology research group at the Divisions of Pediatrics and Translational Cancer Research – has joined Lund Stem Cell Center.

Sofie Mohlin studied for a PhD in the group of Prof. Sven Påhlman at Lund University, investigating the roles of different factors in normal and tumor development. As part of her postdoctoral training Sofie joined the lab of Prof. Marianne Bronner, a pioneer within the field of neural crest - containing the progenitor cell of childhood tumor form neuroblastoma. It was during this time that Sofie began working with the chick embryos, an easily accessible model system with a nervous system similar to that of human embryos at comparable stages of development.

Sofie returned to Lund and established her own group, the research focus of which lies in understanding how stem cells of the tightly controlled embryonic developmental process can transform and become cancerous. Using a highly transdisciplinary approach that merges developmental and tumor biology, the Mohlin group utilize chick embryos, human cell culture systems and in vivo mouse models to understand how, why and where neuroblastoma develop during embryogenesis.

The Mohlin group also has several ongoing collaborations with other members of Lund Stem Cell Center, including the Wagner group - together with whom they have been applying the chick embryo system to study neoangiogenesis of 3D printed biomaterials.

Welcome to Lund Stem Cell Center Sofie!