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Lund CRISPR facility is here to help!

Pia Johansson, PhD – CRISPR Facility Manager
Pia Johansson, CRISPR core facility manager

CRISPR is a simple yet powerful Nobel Prize winning technology that allows sequence specific editing and manipulation of DNA sequences. The CRISPR facility at Lund Stem Cell Center is here to help you with your projects using this technology.

What is CRISPR and who is it for?

CRISPR started as a “traditional” gene editing tool, where a double stranded DNA break is introduced and repaired by the cell. This often leads to mutations causing loss of function at the site of interest. The big differences compared to other gene-editing tools are its relative ease of use and low cost, meaning it can easily performed by the vast majority of laboratories. Recent developments in CRISPR-technology mean that this technique can now be used for a virtual plethora of different strategies, beyond the simple cutting of DNA.

What can CRISPR be used for?

Creating loss of function mutations, gene-silencing, gene-activation, gene-reporters, protein-tagging, insertion of transgenes, base-editing, mutation/SNP correction and insertion, phenotypic screens, depletion/enrichment screens, locus imaging and in vivo manipulation.

What is the CRISPR facility?

Lund CRISPR facility is a guiding and faciliatory unit located at Lund BMC that can advise and aid you in designing, performing and evaluating your experiments using CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

CRISPR facility manager Pia Johansson has a background in stem cells and neurodevelopment, a considerable amount of experience using CRISPR-Cas9, and is here to guide you in your research projects using this technology.

What does the CRISPR facility offer?

The CRISPR facility is here to support you with experimental design, helping you:

  • Pick the suitable approach for your research purposes.

  • Design guide RNAs and choose the optimal cell delivery strategies.

  • Design Homology-Directed Repair (HDR) strategies for tagging/correcting genes.

  • Connect with other researchers willing to share their specific expertise and experience with CRISPR .

The CRISPR facility works together with both the iPSC-Core, facilitating the production of iPS cell-lines after the CRISPR-mediated edits, and the AAVs Core, for production of AAV for in vivo CRISPR-strategies. The facility also organizes seminars and workshops, aimed at educating those new to this technology and providing a discussion forum for those with more experience.

Want to know more about CRISPR technology and what the CRISPR facility has to offer? Visit the CRISPR Facility webpages.

Who can use the CRISPR facility and what does it cost?

All consultations and experimental designs and free of charge to all researchers affiliated with Lund University.

How to get in touch with CRISPR facility

If you would like the help of the CRISPR facility please contact Facility Manager Pia [dot] Johansson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se.

If available, please send some preliminary data to aid in the discussion and design of your experiments. Consultations with the CRISPR facility are currently taking place via Zoom.