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The Swedish Parkinson Foundation grants several SCC projects

A photo of a text describing Parkinson's disease merged with a photo of a hand pipetting
(Photo collage: Marie Jönsson)

The Foundation supports research aiming to elucidate the mechanisms behind Parkinson’s disease with the vision of improved treatments as well as prevention of the disease.

This year's annual announcement of granted project proposals from The Swedish Parkinson Foundation revealed a total support of 7 million SEK, from which over a million SEK went to stem cell-based projects at the SCC. We wish to congratulate our recipients: 

Alessandro Fiorenzano, who was awared 160 000 SEK for the project ”Modelling dopamine neuron development and disease in human brain organoids”.

Johan Jakobsson, who was awared 300 000 SEK for the project ”Activation of transposable elements as a trigger for neuroinflammation in Parkinson´s disease”.

Malin Parmar, who was awared 500 000 SEK for the project ”Stem cell-based treatments for Parkinson´s disease: Novel concepts and future therapies”.

Laurent Roybon, who was awared 160 000 SEK for the project ”Uncovering metabolic alterations in synucleinopathies using specific midbrain spheroids”.


To access to the full list of awarded projects from The Swedish Parkinson foundation this year, click here.

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