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The StemTherapy Electrophysiology Core Facility offers state-of-the art equipment including an EPC10 double patch clamp amplifier for in vitro electrophysiology, multi-channel fluorescence capabilities and differential interference contrast for imaging, or optically manipulating the  living cells (e.g. optogenetics and callcium imaging). The facility is also equiped with Multi Elecrode Array (MEA) and can be used for micromanipulator assisted collection of single cells for qPCR (Patch-Seq).  The Unit is located at BMC B10 inside the cell culture facilities making it ideal for recordings of in vitro generated and expanded cell lines and cultures.

The facility provides aid in designing and performing experiments, such as in vitro electrophysiology, in combination with optogenetics and calcium imaging, data  analysis and presentation in figures and detailed result description.

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