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We routinely provide assistance with the analysis of various NGS applications (RNAseq, ChIPseq, ATACseq to name a few) as well as single-cell RNAseq. We will also analyse data from microarray platforms such as gene expression arrays. In all cases we recommend that you come as see us so we can check your design, but also so that we are aware data will be forth-coming.

With advances in technology, new methods and techniques are constantly being developed, meaning that we also need to learn how to handle data coming from these new applications. If you are planning on generating any such data, please see us as soon as possible so we can prepare. This will reduce the waiting time between data production and getting results.

We also provide a computation platform hosted at Lunarc which is available to for those to use who have some experience of bioinformatics. Please see us and we will show you how to apply for access, and how to get started.

We can do the following:

  • Microarray: pre-processing, normalisation, calculation of differentially expressed genes, and graphical outputs (heatmaps etc).
  • RNAseq: QC, mapping, quantification of transcripts (splice-variants), calculation of differentially expressed genes, and graphical outputs.
  • ChIPseq/ATAC: QC, mapping, peak detection and annotation of peaks, production of wig files for visualisation.
  • Single-cell RNAseq: Please come and talk us before you perform the experiment. scRNAseq data is complex and can be time-consuming depending on what you wish to do.

Any further analyses on your data will be performed time-permitting. Of course there are other uses of NGS which are not covered here, so please come and see us.

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