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What's next? Meeting forum for postdocs


The major scope is to create a support network for postdocs at SCC to enable open discussions around a variety of different topics. The core idea is to create a platform for sharing experiences, having more opportunities to discuss scientific and personal career ideas, build collaborations and help people starting their postdoctoral training at SCC. Experts are invited to each session to provide information, answer questions, and spark the discussion.


Monthly round-table meetings on Fridays at 11.30 – 13.00
Everyone brings own lunch; coffee will be served on a first come first serve basis.


Seminar room BMC B10 if not otherwise stated

Schedule 2020

We are currently setting the schedule for 2020.
Please check back for updates.

Schedule 2019

May 3

Kick-off session
Participants briefly present themselves and their area of expertise.
Prepare a 2-3 min presentation of your major research question(s) and your technical expertise. No slides.

Chair: Maciej Ciesla

May 17

Postdoc career support: available resources at LU
Åsa Thormählen, International coordinator Human Resources Lund University
Susanne Sundell, Coordinator Careers Centre Faculty of Medicine, Lund University
Helena Persson and Melissa Ilsley, Future Faculty, Lund University

Chair: Agatheeswaran Subramaniam

June 28

How to become an independent researcher?
Darcy Wagner, Principal investigator Lung Bioengineering and Regeneration Lab
Henrik Ahlenius, Principal investigator Stem Cells, Aging and Neurodegeneration Lab

Chair: Sibel Aktay

August 30

What’s my niche? Is my research fundable?
Mikael Sigvardsson, Principal investigator Molecular Lymphopoiesis Lab

Chair: Maciej Ciesla

September 27

Preparing and handling grant interviews
Göran Karlsson, Principal investigator Stem Cells and Leukemia Lab

Chair: Sibel Aktay

October 11 - BMC A1211

How to build your network? Recruitment and collaborations
Joan Yuan, Principal investigator Developmental Immunology Lab
Malin Parmar, Principal investigator Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology Lab

Chair: Deirdre Hoban

November 15

Supervision of junior staff. How to be a role model?
Karolina Pircs, Senior postdoc, Molecular Neurogenetics Lab

Chair: Deirdre Hoban

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Executive director Research School in Stem Cell Biology

deirdre [dot] hoban [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Deirdre Hoban)
Postdoc Parmar lab BMC A11

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Postdoc Bellodi lab BMC B12

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Postdoc Kokaia lab BMC B10


More topic suggestions?

Let us know if you have more suggestions. Send your input to christine [dot] karlsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se.