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Article of the Year Award

Each year, Lund Stem Cell Center presents its prestigious 'Article of the Year Award' to acknowledge and celebrate the novel discoveries made by its members.

Graphic collage representing Article of the Year Award

Since 2017, Principal Investigators from across the Center have been invited every year to nominate publications written by researchers within their group. Following an external evaluation process the results are announced at the annual retreat, and the prize (50 000 SEK) is awarded to the research group of the winner.

The Lund Stem Cell Center Article of the Year Award (2022 & 2023) ceremony will take place on Friday, 21 September during the SCC Annual Retreat 2023.

Article of the Year Award (2022 & 2023) Ceremony Program:

13:45 | Oscar Legetth & Johan Rodhe, Soneji lab:  "CellexalVR: A virtual reality platform to visualize and analyze single-cell omics data", iScience, 2021.

14:00 | Pia Johansson, Jakobsson lab: "A cis-acting structural variation at the ZNF558 locus controls a gene regulatory network in human brain development", Cell Stem Cell, 2022.

14:15 | Ani Grigoryan, Bourgine lab: "Engineering human mini-bones for the standardized modeling of healthy hematopoiesis, leukemia, and solid tumor metastasis", Science Translation Medicine, 2022.

14:30 | Maciej Ciesla, Bellodi lab: "m6A-driven SF3B1 translation control steers splicing to direct genome integrity and leukemogenesis", Molecular Cell, 2023.

14:45 | Presentation of Award and prizes

Contact person: Claire [dot] McKay [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Claire[dot]McKay[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)


Article of the Year Awardees:

2021: Marie Jönsson (Jakobsson group): "Activation of endogenous retroviruses during brain development causes an inflammatory response", EMBO Journal, 2021).

2020: Marie Jönsson (Jakobsson group): "Activation of neuronal genes via LINE-1 elements upon global DNA demethylation in human neural progenitors", Nature Communications, 2020).

2019: Karolina Pircs (Jakobsson group) " Huntingtin aggregation impairs autophagy, leading to argonaute-2 accumulation and global microRNA dysregulation" (Cell Reports, 2019).

2018: Nicola Guzzi (Bellodi group) "Pseudouridylation of tRNA - Derived Fragments Steers Translational Control in Stem Cells" (Cell 2018).

2017: Per Ludvik Brattås (Jakobsson group) "TRIM28 Controls a Gene Regulatory Network Based on Endogenous Retroviruses in Human Neural Progenitor Cells" (Cell 2017).