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Lund Stem Cell Center Vector Facility

Objectives and background

The Vector Core Facility is part of the strategic research area StemTherapy. The main purpose of the Vector core is to provide investigators the scientific resources necessary to produce state-of-the-art recombinant oncoretroviral and lentiviral vectors for use in gene transfer experiments. The Vector core faclity maintains a P2 facility with the proper expertise, equipment and permissions to produce the vectors.

Technichal platform for vector production

An investigator or laboratory that wants to have an oncoretroviral or lentiviral vector made can send the vector plasmid with the gene of interest to the Vector unit. Through consultation the investigator can be given advice about promoter choice and vector design prior to his or her constructing the viral vector plasmid. 

The Vector Core Facility will then: 

  1.  Transfect the construct into the relevant packaging cells. 
  2.  Harvest supernatants 
  3.  Concentrate supernatents (VSV-G, RD114 envelopes) 
  4.  Determine vector titer 

Tests for replication competent retroviruses (RCR) will be performed on oncoretroviral vectors. All functional tests for the inserted gene remain the responsibility of the investigator.

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