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We provide following services:

•    Assisted data acquisition – providing experimental design, data collection and analysis
•    Full service – scientific contribution to the project including planning/design of the study, illustration and description of the data, methods, results and interpretation of the results (to be discussed with the management)
•    Consulting and training
•    Access to the equipment for independent use (only experienced electrophysiologists or after individual training depending on the type of project and as required)
•    Development of new assays on demand

Assisted data acquisition includes consultation and planning with roughly estimated timeline, execution of the experiments and analysis of data. Upon agreement, facility can be fully involved in every step of the project (Full service) from scientific planning the experiments to writing up the results and discussion. In this case, the investigator and the core representative will discuss and upfront agree on an overall price of the performed full service. Experimentally, this may include electrophysiological recordings in cell cultures, or acute/cultured tissue preparation, both single cell and field recordings, combined with optogenetics and/or Ca2+ imaging, as needed. Commonly used reagents, buffers and drugs will be included in the service. However, if a specific drug/reagent is required, users will have to provide their own, or may order with our help. 

Consulting and training is a part of every new project and starts with an initial consultation meeting with facility director and manager and planning of potential experiments and the contribution needed from the core (free of charge). It is also possible for the users to perform certain experiments unassisted, but only upon agreement and initial consultation/training provided by the facility (at least 1 day of assisted work). For calcium imaging, 1-2 days’ training should be sufficient to work on the setup for the users with no previous experience with the technique. In case of MEA or electrophysiology recordings, one must have previous solid and documented experience. In this case, the first-time users will be given a short introductory training to the set-up (1 day of assisted work), provided by the facility. The core reserves the right to halt the excess of the investigator to the platform in case of consistent inappropriate use of equipment and failure in maintaining the clean and safe work area within the core.

Development of new assays on demand. With today’s fast developing technology and highly varied objectives of the scientists we are ready to discuss modifying and upgrading the set up and developing new assays on demand. Our solid experience and expertise and a core state-of-the-art equipment gives us possibility to adapt to the novel needs of the users.

*Please note: The facility is located inside the cell culture lab and everyone who wants to use the set-up has to get access to the lab. Researchers have to contact responsible people and get the training and access to the lab on their own.


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