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FACS Machines

The facility currently has four machines



BD FACS Aria IIu and BD FACS Aria III are the cell sorters. Aria IIu is in possession of 3 lasers Violet 405nm, Green-blue 488nm and Red 635nm, in addition Aria III has Green 561 nm and near UV 375nm laser. They allow detection of up to 16 fluorescent probes on the surface of analyzed material. Detected/identified cells can be sorted purely for further use in your research.


BD LSR II and Fortessa


Our BD LSR II and Fortessa are a very powerful analysis machines. Simultaneously 14 and 18, respectively, fluorescent probes can be analyzed. LSRII is equipped with 4 lasers:  UV laser 355nm, Violet 405nm, Green-blue 488nm and Red 640nm and Fortessa has:  Violet 405nm, Green-blue 488nm, Yellow-Green 561nm and Red 640nm. This in addition to improved discrimination between different fluorescent dye overlap allows analysis of huge range probes. It provides versatile analysis of combination of antibody coupled fluorescent dyes, functional probes for proliferation tracking, cell cycle analysis, cytotoxicity, pH changes, Ca++ influx, and finally analysis of cell components nucleus, mitochondria, chromosomes etc. Fortessa is additionally has High Thrououtput Unit for 96-well U- and Flat bottom plates, as well as 384-well plates. 


FACS Machines
FACS Machines


Machine set-up protocols


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