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Scientific Advisory Group

In order to ensure a role for the Cell and Gene Therapy Core in the forefront of the core-related technologies and having a service portfolio that is compatible with the needs of StemTherapy and Multipark members we have formed a Scientific Advisory Group. The SAG consists of experts in vectors, CRISPR and iPS, has representatives from both StemTherapy and Multipark and the members run successful research labs in the areas of neuroscience or haematology. The group meets twice a year and discusses the current and future states of the Cell and Gene Therapy Core to aid in our aim to offer state-of-the-art services and thereby supporting research excellence. 

Henrik Ahlenius

Henrik Ahlenius, PhD

Stem Cells, Aging and Neurodegeneration

Dept. of Clinical Sciences

Cecilia Lundberg

Prof. Cecilia Lundberg, PhD

CNS Gene Therapy

Dept. Experimental Medical Sciences

Portrait of Bjarne Woods

Niels-Bjarne Woods, PhD

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development

Dept. of Laboratory Medicine

Anna Falk

Prof. Anna Falk, PhD

Neural Stem Cells

Dept. of Experimental Medical Sciences


Pia Johansson, PhD

Cell and Gene Therapy Core

Dept. of Laboratory Medicine